Raquel Cózar Lladó Designer Profile
Raquel Cózar Lladó is the award-winning designer of the Ce Qui Est Handbag.
Raquel Cózar Lladó

Born in Madrid, Spain, Raquel Cózar Lladó graduated in Fine Arts. Fascinated by the world of fashion, she studied in New York City (FIT, Parsons), Milan (IED) and Madrid (IED). She has worked for several designers over the last ten years (Roberto Torretta, Davidelfín). Today, with her brand, COZARLLADO, she makes clothing and bags, designed as objects of art in motion, based on her artistic training, coupled with her passion for fashion. Specialized in leather bag design in Ubrique (Cádiz) at the Pieldesign diploma programme, supported by the Loewe Foundation and the Technology Center for Leather of Andalusia, MOVEX. After her stay in New Delhi (India) for two years, where she worked as professor of Fashion Design (University Raffles Millenium International), craftwork becomes the essence of her brand, being applied and reinterpreted as a modern conceptual framework. Raquel believes in using natural, warm and pleasant to the touch materials; mixing colors through textures and prints, leather and textile combinations in bold and romantic expressions, always understanding beauty and comfort as interconnected. She is mainly concerned for the care, quality, and strength of her products, through an environmental-friendly approach, supporting sustainable and ethical production. A loving-nature city dweller. Idealistic and ready to face daily life challenges. Dreamy and funny, magnanimous, enemy of the vulgar; restless and grateful. Worker, mother, daughter. Advocate of a new free and committed femininity, both delicate and strong. A non-stop traveler on the move. Open to new professional challenges both as free-lance, as well as part of a team involved in the design and production of leather accessories.

Raquel Cózar Lladó
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