Martin van der Linden Designer Profile
Martin van der Linden is the award-winning designer of the Orandajima House Afterschool Facility .
Martin van der Linden

Martin van der Linden studied architecture in the Netherlands, the UK and Japan, where he worked for the renowned Japanese architect Hiroshi Hara on the redesign of Kyoto’s main train station. In the mid 90’s, he was employed by the Japanese office of Cesar Pelli, and then became a design consultant to the Japanese Ministry of education’s privatised architecture office (EFI) from 1997-1999. Teaching at Waseda University and Tokyo University of Science for around 10 years, Martin established his own architecture practice, van der Architects in 2001. Martin has designed with van der Architects various projects ranging from corporate offices, housing to public facilities. All these projects are created with great care and attention to detail. Not only are the practical elements of the programme being taken into consideration but we are obsessed with the way users can have an authentic experience of the spaces that are designed.

Martin van der Linden
Orandajima House Afterschool Facility