Mariela Capote Designer Profile
Mariela Capote is the award-winning designer of the Modularis Multifunctional Shelf.
Mariela Capote

Designer's name is Mariela Capote. Mariela enjoys manifesting both functionality and delight through design. She has designed, supervised and executed the building of restaurants, bars, cafeterias, music clubs, ice cream shops, children's cutlery, multi-functional modular shelves, among many others. She wants the relationship of human beings with objects to be more fluid and enjoyable. For example, cutlery designed specifically for persons with disabilities which does not look infantile or demeaning as many of the current models do, ergonomic cutlery designed for kids in order to familiarize them with the utensils with more ease and safer than with adult size cutlery, modular units such as shelves for different uses in the home made of sustainable and ecological materials. Mariela enjoys creating objects and designs for people to not only meet their daily functions with efficiency but also with delight, thereby removing unnecessary stress from their common activities and providing the space they deserve to enjoy life.

Mariela Capote
Modularis Multifunctional Shelf