Elina Gleizer Designer Profile
Elina Gleizer is the award-winning designer of the Shade Me If You Can Sunglasses.
Elina Gleizer

Elina Gleizer, is an Avant-Garde jewelry & accessories designer and goldsmith. Born in 1987 (in Ukraine), live, work and create in Tel Aviv Israel. Bachelor of Design graduate, from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, from the Jewelry Design department, in Ramat-Gan, Israel. Her designs have a continuous dialogue with human anatomy, form and ergonomics. They integrate a profound technique and material research; HAND-MADE traditional gold crafting with varied technologies and materials such as: metal, wood, leather, semi-precious stones, textiles and plastics, all creating contemporary and fashion forward piece of wearable art. In 2010, in her second year in college, Elina started developing her own brand, and In summer of 2013, she founded “Elina Gleizer Jewelry Designer”, brand that carries her name, due to her love of handmade crafting and high-end jewelry.

Shade Me If You Can Sunglasses