Angela Granados Designer Profile
Angela Granados is the award-winning designer of the WReuse Laundry Water Recycler.
Angela Granados

Ángela grew up in Bogotá, Colombia where she study many mayors such as Art, Graphic Design and Advertising. Being both a creative geek and technology addict, her experience spans art direction, graphic design, code, video games and website development. She has already been awarded by The One Show, Applied Arts Canada, Key Art Awards by Clios, Porsche International Student Advertising Film Awards, Zoopa USA and the Red Cross Colombia as well as featured in Adobe, Creativity Online, Ads of the World, Taxi Design, hello you creatives, and other industry publications. Before joining PI&C worked at Y&R|California, 360i, Publicis Paris, PI&C and Y&R/NewYork. Angela speaks three languages, have moved 18 times in her life, is currently unmarried, have pets, believes in soccer karma, and thinks coffee is mandatory and make up is optional.

WReuse Laundry Water Recycler