Roberto Rossi Designer Profile
Roberto Rossi is the award-winning designer of the Whale skeleton Staircase.
Roberto Rossi

Freelance designer, maker, self-Producer, he work in interior/exterior design for furniture and design in many industrial sectors. “Roberto Rossi Design” creates and designs new forms from an idea, a line or an unmet market need. In any context, any industrial sector. The philosophy of Roberto Rossi, designer, is the free spirit behind his solutions, is to leave space to fantasy and imagination to avoid preconceptual and déjà vu solutions. Once an object to be developed is identified, the work starts on the 3D software and continue with the engineering department and with the production of the prototypes, to end with the creation and production of the graphics and the marketing material for the campaign for the launch of the product. Roberto Rossi has collaborated with Studio Fuksas in Rome and Giorgio Armani in New York. "Roberto Rossi Design" collaborates with architects, craftsmen and companies in various sectors, always searching for the quality of the made ​​in Italy to get both design innovative products, both traditional products faithfully reconstructed the original. "Roberto Rossi Design" is also involved in other types of design of various business sectors such as carpentry, mechanical, construction, technical drawing, graphics.

Roberto Rossi
Whale skeleton Staircase