Cristina Ramella Designer Profile
Cristina Ramella is the award-winning designer of the Globe Ring Ring .
Cristina Ramella

Born and raised in Italy, Cristina Ramella spent her life in Milan where she completed her studies up to a Master’s degree in Industrial Design at the Milan’s Polytechnic. As passionate as she is, Cristina decided to specialize in Fine Jewelry and Methalsmith in New York City. Later on, in 2011 she established herself in México and created Artelier, a fine jewelry brand. Her interest in Contemporary Arts, Design and Architecture, complements her love for precious metals and their metamorphosis processes. Cristina has lived in several cities such as Sydney, London, Genoa, New York and nowadays México. She is a passionate traveler, which allows her a constant search for inspiration and has brought her to materialize her ideas into high-end products with extraordinary quality. Every single piece of her designs represents her personal growth and reflects her sensibility, devotion and dedication to her brand. Living her life in 3 languages, Cristina manages to find a balance between her career and her personal life. She is a down to earth designer who appreciates even the smallest details in her everyday life. Artelier is a dream come true to her, a place where her creativity and experience meet to create always new beautiful pieces and statements. For Cristina her clients come first, and her main goal is to show who she truly is with her designs in order to make her customers happy as much as they make her too.

Cristina Ramella
Globe Ring Ring