Neslihan Pekcan Designer Profile
Neslihan Pekcan is the award-winning designer of the Connected Box Kids Room.
Neslihan Pekcan

Pebbledesign, founded in 2004 in Istanbul, especially focused themselves for designing of residential
and commercial purposes as apartments & residentials, sample flats, restaurants, offices, hotels, yachts and concept projects worldwide. Founder of the Pebbledesign, Interior Designer Ms. Neslihan Pekcan born in 1976 in Istanbul. After attending Savannah College of Art and Design ‘Interior Design Department / USA’, graduated from Mimar Sinan University ‘Architecture Faculty / Interior Design Department / Istanbul’ in 1999. After her graduation, she started and continued her professional career in various architectural companies. Pebbledesign produces functional, unique, inspiring and particular solutions upon clients requests. Nonetheless, they autograph to the boutique projects by reflecting their design pleasure. On the other hand, ‘Pebblestones’ brand, the industrial design part, is being developed in parallel with the architectural projects since the foundation. Ms. Pekcan lately has created ‘Pebblekids’ and ‘Pebblebaby’ brands, subsidiary groups of Pebbledesign, to develop conceptual design projects for younger customers. In 2017, Pebbledesign created Pebbledesign Doo. for the developing interior architecture market in Montenegro for elite customers.

Neslihan Pekcan
Connected Box Kids Room