Ezequiel Farca Designer Profile
Ezequiel Farca is the award-winning designer of the Hasen by Urrea Bathroom Fittings.
Ezequiel Farca

Ezequiel Farca is Creative Director and Director General of the studio EZEQUIELFARCA architecture and design. He was born in Mexico City in 1967. He began his career studying at the Universidad Iberoamericana in that city, completing a degree in Industrial Design (1988-1991). He was awarded a scholarship from Western Washington University in Washington State to continue his studies in Specialized Industrial Design (1991-1992). He gained a Masters in Large Scale Architecture and Other Environments at the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, in Barcelona, Spain, and in 2012 completed a MBA at UCLA, Los Angeles. In 1995, Ezequiel opened his first design studio, and shortly afterwards a furniture showroom in the heart of the Polanco district in Mexico City where he has set up his studio practice, which comprises a team of 30 specialists in architecture and interior design. With over 24 years of experience, Ezequiel Farca has an outstanding profile having begun his career designing high-quality and “custom made” furniture, before breaking out and focusing on interior design. With his experience at different levels of design, today he has become a talented architect, sought after for his attention to detail and good taste, since everything he designs—whether an item of furniture, a home or a hotel—he does so with the same precision. He is currently expanding internationally, developing projects in Mexico, the United States and Italy from a new office in Los Angeles. Over his career he has completed over 70 designs on different scales and has been awarded more than 60 prizes and awards in Mexico and abroad. The most recent of these include the silver and bronze medals for the projects in Vallarta and Barrancas from the IDA International Interior Design Award, the PCI Design Awards Program 2013, winner in the “Single-Family” category for Casa Vallarta; the IIDA's Best Interiors of Latin America & the Caribbean 2013, “Honorable Mention in the Residences Category” for the MU apartment and the IIDA Global excellence Design 2013 “Best of” Category Winner: Residences” for Casa Vallarta.

Hasen by Urrea Bathroom Fittings