Andrea Kac Designer Profile
Andrea Kac is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Andrea Kac

We are a young product design studio in Montevideo, Uruguay. We specialize in product, furniture and lighting design, store design and strategic consultancy for creative companies. We strive to create products that bring design into daily routines by combining cultural factors and user understanding with material and process experimentation. Andrea Kac is acproduct designer graduated from EUCD (former Centro de Diseño Industrial), currently attending Postgraduate Diploma on Furniture at UDELAR. She works as an independent designer since 2012. Owns extensive experience in design and production in Asia, having made dozens of trips to work alongside factories as well visit supplyier fairs in USA, Europe and China. She has also developed work as a consultant on trends for deparment stores in SouthAmerica.

Fractal Floor Seat
Chezca Side Table