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SEREL Seramic Factory

SEREL CERAMIC, a member of ELGINKAN GROUP, is manufactured SEREL branded ceramic bathroom wares more than 30 years. Without compromise on quality, SEREL is one of the leader brands that offer all world markets savings, health, aesthetics and comfort featured products with its many years of experience, and professional management approach. SEREL with its accurate, innovative and pioneering approach in product development activities; always concentrate on end user’s needs and gives life to original designs. SEREL with its wide product range is among the first brand that is supported by the world’s only state-funded “Turquality” branding program. While preventing excessive consumption of the world’s most valuable and limited resources by saving water and energy, SEREL’s main principle to design environmental and user friendly products. SEREL constantly keeps bringing value-added technologies in ceramic sanitary ware prduction. All novelties such as water-saving toilets, Extraclean surface technology ; glaze technology that prevents the growth of bacteria on ceramic surface, antibacterial SEREL seat and covers, integrated bidet function systems, are just few research and development features of SEREL, aims always to serve best solution to the end user. With its contemporary and genuine design, customer-oriented way of thinking, water & energy sensitivity and indispensable High - Quality, we, SEREL SERAMIK will keep on being sensitive on human life & environment and always be faithful to our motto “TOGETHER FOR YEARS”

Serel Wave Washbasin
SEREL Purity Wall hung WC Pan
Washbasin Self-Cleaning
Serel Luvi Urinal Set Self-Cleaning
SEREL Purity Washbasin
4Life Double washbasin
Helios Washbasin Set  Washbasin
Toilet Bowl Toilet Bowl
4Life Wall hung WC Pan
Washbasin Self-Cleaning