Marina Nosova Designer Profile
Marina Nosova is the award-winning designer of the Creative Sound Records Office.
Marina Nosova

Marina Nosova was born in Leningrad and spend her childhood in Germany,Rostok city.That time impressed her strong,cause in Soviet Union there was limit for almost everything: food,cloth, almost every stuff outcoming abroad...As she remembers herself from the early beginning, she liked to create new things, she believed that after coming back with her parents to Russia from Germany and having seen how the life is different in that country,to innovate with the help of design and increase the level of live itself...Especially,she likes to play with the forms in interioir space. This year she sucessfully graduated from the Moscow international Design school in Moscow and Rhodec (UK). After master degree she aplied her first project Creative Sound Records to the prestige A`Design Award and Competition Award and her work turned to be in the list of winners!

Marina Nosova
Creative Sound Records Office