Patricia Salgado Designer Profile
Patricia Salgado is the award-winning designer of the Athos Coffee-table.
Patricia Salgado

Driven by a passion for great design, the creation of great places and the creative process, Estudio Aker Arquitetura implements innovative and sustainable ideas across architecture and interior design services, development of residential, commercial and corporate projects and related consultancy and assistance to the most variety of demanding clients. Estudio Aker is organized to encourage the creative process and talents in order to deliver quality at all levels, in all places. The passionate pursuit of excellence, the application of creativity to solve the clients’ challenges, the technical expertise and the collaborative spirit are the baselines of Estudio Aker’s work. They believe future depends on a culture that embraces diversity, inspires innovation and encourages the free and open exchange of ideas.

Patricia Salgado
Athos Coffee-table