Gianluca Tamburini Designer Profile
Gianluca Tamburini is the award-winning designer of the Conspiracy - Sandal shaped jewels- luxury shoes.
Gianluca Tamburini

Conspiracy is a brainchild of the thirtysix years old Italian shoe-designer Gianluca Tamburini, who has always been attracted to beauty and women. After extensive researches, he created a leading edge sandal line, for a unique, special woman, who loves travelling and living her life as a protagonist: the perfect interpreter of the sensual and adventurous soul of the project. An extra-light aluminium sole is combined with the iconic ¾” heel, creating an authentic modern sculpture, obtained from state of the art equipment, which provides to the client the chance to customise her shoes. High technology and cutting edge materials form a modern sculpture, having the shape of a sandal, but where the touch and experience of skilled Italian craftsmen are still visible so to offer a valuable example of excellence and to ensure the work assumes the contours of a unique jewelry shaped as a sandal, as unique as the women who wears it.

Gianluca Tamburini
Conspiracy - Sandal shaped jewels- luxury shoes