Gabor Meszaros Designer Profile
Gabor Meszaros is the award-winning designer of the Raffinée Holding box.
Gabor Meszaros

Most of chocoMe’s chocolate creations are topped with lyophilized (freeze-dried) fruits. No wonder: these specially prepared fruits contain no moist, still the characteristic flavours remain intact, along with important vitamins and minerals. chocoMe had an idea of a new product, where these natural fruit flavours may dominate more emphatically – so chocoMe Raffinée was born. In a tiny Raffinée sphere the lyophilized strawberry or sour cherry is softly embraced by a thin chocolate layer to keep the natural flavour experience while introducing the pleasant accompanying flavour of chocolate at the same time. The two chosen lyophilized fruits are not all the only options chocoMe has to offer. For example Piemonte hazelnuts have recently made their debut amongst chocoMe’s toppings. These nuts, considered the tastiest in the world, also put on a thin milk chocolate coat (with 40% cocoa content) for Raffinée. The Raffinée dragées, coated with special quality chocolate well-known from the chocoMe bars, are placed into an elegant container, which also functions as a gift box. Upon removing the cover, the box unfolds into a stylish bowl, presenting the Raffinée dragées in an exquisitely aesthetic serving.

Raffinée Holding box