Leila Rose Faddoul Designer Profile
Leila Rose Faddoul is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Leila Rose Faddoul

Leila Rose, the founder of Kameleon Rose an innovative clothing brand was not always in this scene. In 2011 she quit her career in Medicine in the UK to travel the world. In the midst of her global adventure Leila became aware of the need for clothing that met the needs of travellers. She came up with the design of the Kameleon, which can be worn in 52 ways, winning the bronze award in 2014 at the A'design and award competition, now she strives to win the gold with her new design the tee-pant, a product that is both a top and pants and many more items including a bag. Having previously spent time in Madagascar Leila decided to move to Madagascar and set up her brand there, producing clothing with sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing. Her aim is to create a revolution in the clothing industry producing green innovative designs that adapt to life.

Leila Rose Faddoul
The Kameleon Adaptable Clothing
The Tee- Pant Adaptable Clothing