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ARCHPOINT is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.

First of all our design bureau prefers public interiors over private ones. Well, there is a great difference whether your project is seen and admired by one family – or by hundreds of people every day! When you work on a private house or an apartment you are customer-oriented and it is not for your own self that you are trying hard. You need to get under the person’s skin and produce a residence where this person will be comfortable. You need to be a psychologist, because otherwise it won’t work and the house will be beautiful but unlived-in. why it happens this way is beyond me, but most of the time people require detailed getting into their preferences, interests, and lifestyle. Naturally, there are some sure moves that we now use, now try to get away from. For example, wooden floors are always popular in restaurants and light-colored interiors work well. White tablecloths are another great thing. Even when you are passing by a restaurant, look inside and see white tablecloths – you automatically think they will feed you well here. This is sheer psychology working. Then there are things we try not to do. Any imitation used to be an absolute no-no for me. I don’t appreciate fake at all. If it looks like stone – it should be stone, if it seems to be concrete – it should be concrete, and of it presents itself as wood – then we use wood. A natural interior demands sincerity. In the European part of Russia and CIS, the level is generally growing. For instance, the Ukraine us spurring up quite a bit. There are rather many interesting interiors in Kiev. Naturally, capitals are a little different, everything is more advanced there than out in the regions, and a demand for such premises is greater there leading to their greater number. Overall, to my viewpoint, Russian public interiors are better off than the residential ones, as they are highly visible, discussed by people and the competition is more rigorous. | Of course, there is specific fashion both in the global and local interior market. Fashion is always there and some most current trends always exist. We try not to follow it blindly while being at least in the trend. Because of this, I think, our projects never become outdated and stay up-to-date. On the other hand, our eateries, unfortunately, do not operate as long as they could have, although they are capable of staying cuttingedge fashionable for a long while.

Selfie Restaurant & Bar
ZODIAC Pan-Asian Bistro