Barbara Princic Designer Profile
Barbara Princic is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Barbara Princic

Between lines the personal philosophy tells much about the designer and her life orientation. The text below therefore explains her attitude toward design for all, the design for environment and the inovative design. By focusing on the end user to make his daily life and work easier, design is put in a social context. Good design of any product is to be essential for each end-user without any social, age, gender or cultural discrimination. Design for all. Objectives, standards and strategies for environmentally friendly design are recognized as a challenge for the design process which considers the entire life cycle of the product from the cradle to the cradle. Design for environment. It is important to understand the pluralism of life choices and the immense possibilities of contemporary technologies, and to combine them as an inspiration for new, visionary solutions. Innovative design.

5x5  LED Lamp
5x5 Chair