nuun kids design Designer Profile
nuun kids design is the award-winning designer of the oUeat Multifunctional highchair .
nuun kids design

Nuun kids design is a Spanish company that designs and produces multifunctional furniture for children, with a special collection for homes with twins or children of similar ages. The company provides practical solutions for the home, it is space savers and it converts casual furniture in creative furniture promoting the experimentation and curiosity of kids. Nuun kids design designs and produces in Europe. The company is concerned with the environment, and eco-design is one of the key aspects of the proposal. Noble materials like birch wood are used, as well as natural and neutral colours that allow kids to be the protagonists. Part of its philosophy is that children should grow up playing, learning and sharing, being the main message they want to transmit.

nuun kids design
oUeat  Multifunctional highchair