Alessandro Marchelli Designer Profile
Alessandro Marchelli is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Alessandro Marchelli

Consultant in the public and private fields and specialized in Brand Vision, Concept Design, Design Development for HOME + SPA & HOTEL. From 1990 founder and Chief Designer of the design AM+D study alessandro marchelli+designers international and multicultural study, focused on sensory interior architecture and creative and experimental design. Philosophy Of The Company: With its unconventional inventiveness, the AM+D study alessandromarchelli+designers creates atmospheres, situations and feelings sometimes with a provocative attitude and in contrast with the outside world, not for a taste for going in the opposite direction but aiming at producing long-lasting sensations and emotional suggestions. • His projects of interior, contract, industrial and exhibit design, graphics and communication show the “exhaltation of the senses” which always pervades his acts and his ideas, focused on bringing design to the heart, the eyes and the mind of everyone. Characterized by winding and rounded shapes, his design goes provocatively against minimalism, models, research continues in the contemporary world, and in the ongoing merger between wonder and convenience

Alessandro Marchelli
Casa Dova Residential House
tower House Residential House