Vincenzo Catoio Designer Profile
Vincenzo Catoio is the award-winning designer of the Callas Bathtub.
Vincenzo Catoio

“When inspired by the many rich facets of reality, design becomes capable of modifying the rules of living space, responding to needs that are no longer merely functional, but above all emotional and experiential.” This intuition guides Vincenzo Catoio’s approach to design. In his vision, the designer’s clear responsibility is to create objects that harmoniously interact with individuals and their space, helping them rediscover the real values of quality of life and wellness. Every design is defined by the constant search for that delicate balance between the functional dimension and emotional component of the object that ceases to be merely an object and is transformed into a “generator of experiences.” In order to enrich his work with a similar dimension of value, the designer must know how to draw inspiration from reality, must know how to “see where it is dark and hear where there is silence,” observing each particular with the curiosity and esthetic sensibility typical of his point of view, building his “craft” day by day. Voyages, cultures, places, landscapes, people, trends, and relationships are the source from which he draws the details and inspiration that feed his ever-active creative pool and, reworked through his design process, give shape to objects capable of unprecedented communicational effectiveness. The versatility and flexibility with which he approaches a broad range of projects generate crossovers capable of stirring extraordinarily moving experiences and stimulating perceptions.

Vincenzo Catoio
Callas Bathtub