Alessandro Fedalto Designer Profile
Alessandro Fedalto is the award-winning designer of the CHARLING by BOLLLICINE Sparkling Wine Bottle .
Alessandro Fedalto

Charling by Bolllicine is the first bottle fir Sparkling Wines to keep the wine itself as in a Magnum format. Spherical shape keeps less wine in contact with the glass surface. Shorter neck keeps less oxygen inside. The higher glass weight protect the wine more then usual. The Black rubber coating protect the wine from the light. CHARLING is a Spumante Brut. A combination of Chardonnay and German Riesling produced in the West Veneto with the "Metodo Charmat" and with 180 days of fermentation. BOLLLICINE is the project born to keep the best Italian Sparkling Wines inside an original and designed bottle that keeps the wine as in a Magnum format.

CHARLING by BOLLLICINE Sparkling Wine Bottle