Joo Seok Kong, Sang Min Lee Designer Profile
Joo Seok Kong, Sang Min Lee is the award-winning designer of the The Free Executive Bidet.
Joo Seok Kong, Sang Min Lee

With the development of technologies and increase of family income, our living standard has been improving both qualitatively and quantitatively. Especially, personal hygiene based on awareness about the health and well-being is developing to be deviated from the various diseases in conjunction with public health and social problems. The Solution is The Free. Enhancement of bathroom hygiene through Air curtain and the UV sterilization. Proposal of universal bidet design regardless of physical ability, age, or gender. With the function of blood circulation and massage, influencing positive effect on the Hemorrhoids and Constipation. Visible toilet seat cover : By checking of toilet bowl in advance, can reduce the unnecessarily flushing. Measurement of weight using toilet bidet (comparing before and after data) The project started in April 2012 in Seoul and finished in April 2013 in Seoul. The project was in 2013 that the International Patent.

The Free Executive Bidet