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Avni Sejpal - Studio Avni is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Avni Sejpal - Studio Avni

tudio Avni is a multidisciplinary design studio offering bespoke 3D textiles, furniture, lights and products using unconventional materials. Headed by Architect and Designer Avni, the studio explores a wide spectrum of design innovations through research and tactile manipulation of organic shapes and geometric patterns. Avni Sejpal is a trained architect and a passionate designer, hailing from a textile family and educated at Chelsea College of Art & Design, London with a MA in Environmental Design (Majors in Furniture, Public Art and Graphics). She has over 8 years experience domestically and internationally in the industry, with stints in the world of Interiors, Furniture, Fashion and Graphic Design, she returned to Mumbai, India to open her own studio in 2011. Her style and work is an amalgamation of Architecture fundamentals and Textile curiosity. Bold and vivid use of color, patterns and structural integrity is a constant feature in all her works. The use of vivid and vibrant colors invokes moods and memories to complement tactile qualities. Avni works in an intuitive way with a variety of materials and techniques. She is also curious with the idea of role reversal of materials wherein soft fabrics are so designed to have a structure and form and strong and hard materials such as metal, glass and wood are designed to have a fluid, ephemeral quality. Studio Avni specializes in producing striking textile, metal and Perspex artworks for public spaces, corporate environments, exhibitions and private homes. These can be commissioned directly from the studio. Whether the product is a single piece of sculptural light or a complex and sophisticated textile art screen, design process involves approach for innovativeness, striving to bridge the gap between creativity and execution.

Avni Sejpal - Studio Avni
Faceted Tactile Light Series  Lights/ Lumieres
Upcycled Series Furniture
Samsara Cosmic Series  Lights & Furniture