Nuno Montenegro Designer Profile
Nuno Montenegro is the award-winning designer of the School of Technology Higher Education Institution.
Nuno Montenegro

Nuno Montenegro's office boast a team that is able to cater for the full range of technical project planning specialties, from urban planning to design of public and private developments. The set of partnerships it has entered into and its drive to foster experimental research are the two cornerstones behind its concept. Montenegro's team is able to provide a design-oriented development concept, hands-on benefit of a small dynamic company, with a well-built network of knowledge connectors, and a technological lead and design expertise of a larger one. In its more than 10 years of design practice the company has earned a reputation for excellence in the master planning and the design of distinctive residential, educational, laboratory facilities, recreational, retail and mixed-use projects. The approach to projects is collaborative both within the practice itself and in its relation with clients, consultants among others. These lines of collaboration are established and maintained right through to completion of a project, allowing projects, from inception, to be considered holistically - from the aesthetic dimensions through to questions regarding environment, structural integrity and issues related to cost, program and value.

Nuno Montenegro
School of Technology  Higher Education Institution