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Alexandros Kitriniaris is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Alexandros Kitriniaris

Alexandros Kitriniaris is a registered architect engineer with a diploma from the National Technical University of Athens. He earned an additional Master’s degree with honors from the same University. He is a PhD researcher and a scholarship awardee, investigating the link between architecture ecology and human physiology through leading technological advances to ensure an enduring positive impact on communities and on the environment. During his academic activity, he has received eight awards and honorary scholarships, as well as a medal with the emblem of Prometheus Torchbearer. He frequently participates in research projects, international workshops and architecture conferences, and has lectured at Wien university in Austria, Adeit university in Spain, Leibniz university in Germany, and Naples university in Italy, among others. His work has received awards in international architecture competitions, has been published in international architecture magazines, and has been exhibited at architecture events including the 1st Architecture Biennale of Thessaloniki, the 8th Architecture Exhibition in Patras, the 7th and 8th Biennale of Greek Architects in Athens, and the 25th International Union of Architects Congress and Exhibition in Durban, South Africa.

Alexandros Kitriniaris
Cure & Care Pharmacy
Earthwood  House
Earthwood  House