Tony Clark and Lisa Clark Designer Profile
Tony Clark and Lisa Clark is the award-winning designer of the Backpack Bed™ Outdoor Portable Bed.
Tony Clark and Lisa Clark

Tony and Lisa Clark are a husband and wife design team that designed the Backpack Bed to save the lives of homeless & disaster victims without shelter. A portable lightweight bedding solution. The Backpack Bed has multiple functionality in one - it is a backpack, bed, sun & wind shelter and a life saving device.
 Easy to use without instructions - lay on the ground and simply unroll the bed from the backpack. Totally fire retardant. Winner Australian Human Rights Award. The backpack styling ensures dignity for homeless - they do not look like they are carrying their bedding on their back. Distributed to homeless people in 5 countries in partnership with over 350 welfare agencies.

Backpack Bed™ Outdoor Portable Bed