Migle Vasiliauskaite Kotryna Zilinskiene Designer Profile
Migle Vasiliauskaite Kotryna Zilinskiene is the award-winning designer of the SAKÀ visual identity.
Migle Vasiliauskaite Kotryna Zilinskiene

PRIM PRIM is a visual communication design studio with a strong imaginative goal to create authentic designs where concept, visuality and aesthetics match all together. The key aspect of our style is a minimalistic attitude to graphics – a clean, light, a bit ascetic and logical design. In our environment there is a lot of noise of visual media, so we want to bring some more cleanness and order to life. Our creative path is also very much influenced by our country Lithuania, actually, even few of our projects are based on ethnic lithuanian-baltic culture. We tend to experiment combining fresh and "up to date" design with more archaic content and forms, but even then we still remain faithful to our aesthetic ideals.

SAKÀ visual identity