So Yau Kai Designer Profile
So Yau Kai is the award-winning designer of the The Remains Contemporary QiPao.
So Yau Kai

The inspiration is from Chinese Relics. China possesses over six thousand years history. It is a great treasure. It is worth to study and investigate the evolve of the Chinese Relics. Among the Chinese Relics, “Ceramics” is the most representation which is most popular no matter from the royal and people. Even today, people are also fond of Ceramics. It is easy recognizing from the event of auctions which held seasonal in worldwide. “Ceramics”, as typically Chinese Relics, painting theme on ceramics is showing the life style and wishes of the people, not only the small scale of Royal, it is broadly present to the middle and lower class as well. In my study, core Chinese Aesthetic standards of fashion and Feng Shui (interior and environment design) are unchanged. They like see-through and layering. Inspiration from above, I would like to design a dress to bring the implication and feature of ceramics from the old dynasty to contemporary fashion.

The Remains Contemporary QiPao