Takayas Mizuno Designer Profile
Takayas Mizuno is an award-winning designer with 4 featured award-winning projects.
Takayas Mizuno

Takayas is one of the very few pure custom jewelers around. His passion is breathing life into his customers ideas. Staying true to the roots of custom creation, he begins with a vision and nothing more. The end result is a masterpiece that comes with its own story. As a fourth generation Ikebana Artist (Japanese master florist), Takayas Mizuno was raised with a unique understanding of art and composition. As a master jeweler, Takayas has forged a remarkable career of creating timeless jewelry for discerning customers worldwide. Listening and communicating throughout the process of design and creation, at the heart of Takayas’s work lives an understanding of the power of jewelry to honor and cherish for eternity.

Takayas Mizuno
Bamboo Diamond Bracelet Jewelry
Eclipse Hoop Earrings Jewelry-Earrings
Takayas Mizuno /Swallowtail  Pendant ( Necklace)
Urban Minimalist  Jewelry- Ring