Matteo Mirko Cetinski Designer Profile
Matteo Mirko Cetinski is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Matteo Mirko Cetinski

Matteo Mirko Cetinski is a well known personality in his country (Croatia). He started his career as a singer, TV Host & TV Producer. Only after reaching 40 years old, he decided he will finally pursue a career in Interior & Furniture Design (his long time passion). In 2013 he started his company "Mirko Di Matteo Designs" and designed his first furniture collection "Chilim" made combining flight case hardware and antique kilim rugs for which he was awarded the "A Design award 2013" in Como- Italy. As a result of extensive interest shown by clients and publications such as ELLE DECORATION, the collection was further developed and pieces of furniture made with various other materials such as stainless steel, wool shag, mother pearl etc. were added to it. In 2014 Matteo designed his first rug INDIGO. It is a unique concept of refurbished kilim rugs dip dyed and then screen printed. It is the first rug of it's kind. For this design Matteo and his company "Mirko Di Matteo Designs" was again awarded with the "A Design Award 2014" among a competition of over 5000 designs.

Chilim Chest of drawer
Indigo rug