Roberta Sa Faustini Designer Profile
Roberta Sa Faustini is the award-winning designer of the Ecojew Jewelry.
Roberta Sa Faustini

Roberta Sá Faustini is an architect graduated in 2000 from FAU Mackenzie. Works with design of furniture and objects. Its design is of simple lines, where all the pieces are full of functionality. Many of your creations don't need nails, screws or glue, just folds, fittings and supports. It seeks sustainable solutions in its work, giving priority to recyclable, recycled or reused materials. With this concept of reusing materials that would go to waste, the cardboard of the roll of toilet paper became a super modern bracelet. (Awarded at the Brazilian Object Award at the A Casa Museum). From this project, a line of eco-jewelry and paper objects was born, sustainable work from material to shape. All production made by the NOT Oficina de Papel (core of workshops and work) of Armazém das Oficinas, a social inclusion project for work that serves the low-income population with mental illness and vulnerability. As raw material, recycled artisanal paper that the workshop itself produces is also used. Other works with ecological appeal are: the Xis chair. (awarded at the Casa Brasil 2013 Award), the Lado a Lado bench and the Encaixe chair made with micro-corrugated cardboard and the Ora Bolas bookcase, where the material is the reuse of cardboard tubes. Today with a young son, he has some projects aimed at children. With a line of objects, toys and furniture. The DescArte Workshop project gives art tips and ideas and games for children to make from the disposal of materials. The Vira e mexe furniture line won the Salão Design 2020 award, in the professional category - challenge of changing spaces.

Roberta Sa Faustini
Ecojew Jewelry