Franck Divay Designer Profile
Franck Divay is the award-winning designer of the Ydin Stool.
Franck Divay

The inoow design studio was born from a need of Frank Divay to combine with passion, both industrial design and woodworking crafts. Besides product design services provided for companies, it is proposed to professionals and individuals, furniture, lighting and other bespoke designed items which are then manufactured in the workshop adjoining the studio. Originally, the workshop was just a playground where creativity is expressed through materials manipulation and experimentation! A privileged environment which offers the opportunity to overcome some constraints essential to all industrial productions. For example, Ydin stool was born from an exploration process with ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC). In the same vein, inoow design studio is also in close connection with a stairs manufacturer. Together, they lead a reflection on the wood offcuts valorisation. A sustainable approach that will give a second life to these unusable parts in a stairs manufacturing context. Today, the workshop has also become for Franck Divay a true dedicated to manufacturing place. Here, is the handmade work that prevails. A working method synonymous with a traditional know-how, which requires time and is sometimes viewed as archaic. Whereas it reflects a passion for the love of a well done job and ensures an authentic production, lasting and fully "Made In France". The signing of inoow design is the wood combination with other materials such as plywood, metal, or more unexpected, concrete! A cocktail often enhanced with a touch of color.

Ydin Stool