Evgeniy Ivaschenko Designer Profile
Evgeniy Ivaschenko is the award-winning designer of the Shell Bus station.
Evgeniy Ivaschenko

Born in Aktobe in 1981. But a week later (after birth), the parents took in Kaliningrad (most western region of Russia) - the city in which he lived more time and which is currently the most for Eugene hometown. Travels a lot ... Creativity is involved with early childhood. Combines several professions: designer, artist, engineer, manager. In the field of industrial design and production monitoring (supervision), ie, translated into reality projects since 2000 ... Taking orders for the development of projects of varying complexity and style, urban design concepts, projects of small architectural forms, the design of streets, parks, designing commercial and administrative centers, markets ... design projects of all elements of the streets ... Fences, urns, benches, sheds passengers and newsstands, commercial pavilions, shops, buildings, metal ...  Sincerely, Eugene Ivashchenko.

Shell Bus station