T&E Polydorou Design Ltd Designer Profile
T&E Polydorou Design Ltd is the award-winning designer of the creteleon Bottle.
T&E Polydorou Design Ltd

Polydorou Design offers the market at large design proposals that present and promote each client’s specific product or service in a way that addresses and resonates with the particular target audience. The company’s unquestionable strength lies in its ability to develop superior creative and impressive concepts that perfectly match the nature and personality of each product (or service). Starting with the creation of an expertly researched and developed branding system, which can then be applied to a single ad or a whole campaign, the concept covers both visual and text elements to produce coherent and persuasive results that will make a lasting positive impact. In addition to print ads, brochures, profiles and all other corporate collateral, Polydorou Design has broken new ground in the field of bespoke in-house publications. With emphasis on outstanding custom photography and appealing editorial content, these publications effectively reinforce the clients’ corporate image.

T&E Polydorou Design Ltd
creteleon Bottle