Ece Cokca Designer Profile
Ece Cokca is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Ece Cokca

Ece Cokca is an interior architect and owner of Stelart Jewelry. She had a master degree on restoration during which she studied ancient hans of Istanbul and their additions. Stelart's first collections are related to architectural series such as Arcade, Planimetric and Addition which are inspired by historical hans. In other collections silver, precious stones and different materials such as feather are used. She likes to combine unrelated material in the form of jewelry as it is in ‘Feather’ earring. All her designs have a story and the brand name 'Stelart' comes from 'storytellingart'. With Stelart Jewelry the client does not put on only a jewelry, but also a story. One of the most important targets of the brand name is to make clients ‘feel the story through jewelry’.

Feather  Earring
Swan Bath Multifunctional bath complex