Christian Schneider-Moll Designer Profile
Christian Schneider-Moll is an award-winning designer with 5 featured award-winning projects.
Christian Schneider-Moll

Our main focus in design is to combine the exceptional quality of Xicato LED modules with our high quality approach of functionality and a clean aesthetic. The awareness of the advantages that quality light serves, the effects and influences good lighting achieves in diverse settings and living situations. These are the topics that make us appreciate Xicato highly as a partner. Each STRATAS product works as a carrier to communicate the quality of Xicato modules in each particular form of illumination. STRATAS is defined by quality craftsmanship and attention to detail in every step of development. From inception to realisation, each STRATAS lighting object is hand manufactured and tested ensuring full reliability at the highest possible quality. Precision plays an integral role in the way in which STRATAS products are created, making each lighting fixture perfect for a large range of settings. Each piece is contemporary and minimal while being easy to use and highly adaptable. Fusing expertly crafted lighting with a unique approach to design has made STRATAS unparalleled in its class. STRATAS - Made in Berlin

Stratas.07 LED Pendant Lamp
Stratas.XIC LED-Spotlight
Stratas.NV 80 low voltage LED track light with XICATO
Stratas.02 LED-Spotlight
Stratas.NV64 zoom Zoom LED Spotlight for 48V track