Ryumei Fujiki and Yukiko Sato Designer Profile
Ryumei Fujiki and Yukiko Sato is an award-winning designer with 5 featured award-winning projects.
Ryumei Fujiki and Yukiko Sato

Ryumei (Takaaki) Fujiki completed his MA and the Doctor of Engineering at the University of Tokyo under Prof. Hiroshi Hara and Prof. Akira Fujii. He founded F.A.D.S in 1991. He has been teaching as a professor at the department of architecture of Kogakuin University (KOU: :ARC) ,Tokyo since 2001. He has a great interest in nature especially the advanced system of nature. Yukiko Sato joined F.A.D.S as a design partner since 2000. She graduated from Japan Women's University. Now, She is teaching at Japan Women's University as a Lecturer. F.A.D.S has made numerous practical works in Japan.

Artificial Topography Installation
The House for Contemporary Art Residence
Porous Manifold Japanese Tearoom
Aqua Scape the Orangery Version Whole Plastic Architecture
Continuous Plate House 2.0 Residence Renovation