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Albert Salamon is an award-winning designer with 8 featured award-winning projects.
Albert Salamon

Albert Salamon is an acclaimed graphic designer. He graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the Industrial Design Department, where later, over a period of 8 years, he had lectured in the field of visual communication. Albert has also worked commercially in many different areas creating logos, visual identification systems, city information systems, books, posters, packaging, websites, mobile apps, and clockfaces. At TTMM Albert is the founder and chief designer, responsible for creating new products, apps, and utilities. Albert has won several design awards including the FWA, A Design Award, Indigo Award, Good Design, and The Design of the Year for Culture Award, granted by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, which is a special award within the GOOD DESIGN Awards (DOBRY WZÓR).

Albert Salamon
genuse watchfaces applications
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TTMM for Fitbit clock faces apps
TTMM watchfaces apps
TTMM for Pebble watchfaces apps
Dominus plus Clock application.
Ttmm-s for Fitbit Versa App
TTMM for Fitbit Clock Face Apps