Stefan Radev Designer Profile
Stefan Radev is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Stefan Radev

Stefan Radev is an award winning international design consultant with a proven track record of successful collaborations in international, interdisciplinary design & high-end visualisation projects, from consumer products, medical products, industrial machinery to transportation related products. A multi talent when it comes to solving design problems, known for his specific, context related design approach with added value. He constantly draws strong inspiration from the Mediterranean culture & Lifestyle and applies German innovative thinking and strategies to his design processes. Under the brand “visions” he is creating design studies for international companies. Originally “visions” was established out of the urge to experiment with technologies, form, function and details, creating visionary products. A few years later numerous world wide publications in magazines and websites, receiving design awards, prove the success of his design strategies. Having that design test ground and experience from commercial project collaborations, he offers his emotional & valuable design service to local and international clients, from vibrant Barcelona (Spain) and Hamburg (Germany).

Stefan Radev
Sao Ville Tractor
Vespeo  Automatic espresso machine
Gulfstream G550 Visions edition Airplane interior design and exterior graphics