Andrew Chong Designer Profile
Andrew Chong is the award-winning designer of the Creative & Innovative: Young Design of Andrew Interior Architecture& Brand Identity.
Andrew Chong

Andrew Chong is an Australian-based, award-winning and multi-disciplinary designer working across experience design, environmental design, graphic design, branding strategy, digital and multi-media design and product development. With a decade of experience in corporate identity and designing luxury brands, Andrew creates agile and iconic brand personalities, identities and designs that thrive across diverse global marketplaces. Designing innovative 3-Dimensional and 2-Dimesional design solutions, he creates brand strategies, architecture, packaging identity systems and digital experiences for emerging, national and global enterprises. Fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, Andrew is a graduate from Brunel University London and holds a MA in Design and Branding Strategy and a BA in Interior Architecture and Design from Nottingham Trent University (Distinction). Andrew was also awarded a highly competitive Tier-1 U.K. Graduate Entrepreneur Visa to start and run his own eCommerce design business.

Creative & Innovative: Young Design of Andrew Interior Architecture& Brand Identity