Mohamed Amin Sherif Designer Profile
Mohamed Amin Sherif is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Mohamed Amin Sherif

Eng. Mohamed Sherif, “Art Heritage” C.E.O., is an heir to a family of artists, where almost every member practiced and appreciated fine arts. He definitely had a brilliant heritage as his family business in furniture making dates back to 1920. Eng. Mohamed is rooted to truly talented ancestors, being a grandson to Eng. Youssef Khafagi, the Head of Antiquities Restoration Department at the Supreme Egyptian Council of Antiquities. Eng. Mohamed Sherif enrolled in the furniture business at the age of 16, in his uncle’s furniture factory and started designing at a very young age, as he possessed enough talent to place him among much older designers. He became the Chief of the Designing Department in the factory at the age of 17, and continued until he started his own furniture making business. Eng. Mohamed polished his talent with academic education; he completed his diploma in interior decorating from U.S.A. Eng. Mohamed’s designs have always been truly appreciated especially when he introduced his Art Nouveau style design for a palace door at the International Design Award, A’Design Award, Italy. His design for the Art Nouveau style door earned him the award in 2010-2011 competition and the Certificate of Excellence.

Art Nouveau Desk Office Desk
Artnouveau  Door Door
Royal Handle Door Handle