Tinne Debruijne Designer Profile
Tinne Debruijne is the award-winning designer of the Unspoken words Ashurn.
Tinne Debruijne

The birth of an idea. Tinne Debruijne has been working on the concept of ‘unspoken words’ since 2001. It grew from a personal experience, in which a young woman's sorrow and the words ‘there is so much I still want to tell you’ had such a deep impact on her and moved her to her very core. She started designing a range of personalized urns to yet capture these words soon after. The LifeLoveLoss collection now takes this concept to a new level, both honoring the dead and celebrating life's major events such as birth and marriage. Tinne and 3Dmatic join forces. Handmade objects make way for 3D technology, opening up a new level of personalization which, in turn, makes for surprising and original pieces.

Tinne Debruijne
Unspoken words Ashurn