Patrizia Donà Qwerty Elemental Handbags
Qwerty Elemental Handbags is Platinum Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
Qwerty Elemental Handbags

Just like typewriters’ design evolution shows the transformation from a highly complex visual form to the clean-lined, simple geometric form, Qwerty-elemental is the embodiment of strength, symmetry, and simplicity. Constructive steel parts made by various craftsmen are distinctive visual feature of the product, which gives the bag an architectonic appearance. The essential peculiarity of the bag are two typewriter’s keys which are self manufactured and assembled by the designer herself.

Qwerty Elemental Handbags
Patrizia Donà Qwerty Elemental
Patrizia Donà Handbags
Patrizia Donà design
Patrizia Donà design

Donà is a fashion and art studio where a unique synthesis takes place.Impact of Belgian fashion design, with the power of its visions and particular aesthetics, merges with the Italian artisanal tradition that strives to perfection in every detailIn 2012 Patrizia Donà established her own label “Laboratorio Donà” which was renamed “Donà” in 2019. She started collaboration with different manufactures with one aim: to improve each detail to the level of excellence and to combine craft and industrial methods of production. She is obsessed with details because “The details are not the details; they make the product.” Obsessive Attention to Detail Isn’t Crazy, It’s Required said The Emes.