Coral Mesika Ter Restaurant
Ter Restaurant is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Ter Restaurant

TER is a restaurant concept that was developed following the Art Sella forest calamity in Malga Costa, Italy. The calamity brought forth the question - What does a "stable" space feel like? Physiologically and physically. How can a space be brought back to life after experiencing a calamity? The restaurant blends into its surroundings by acting as another rock in the landscape. It is differentiated by the smoke arising from its center, which creates a sense of allure and intrigue. It’s a sight that draws people in toward the center – reestablishing the core essence of Art Sella.

Ter Restaurant
Coral Mesika Ter
Coral Mesika Restaurant
Coral Mesika design
Coral Mesika design
Coral Mesika

Coral is an upcoming interior designer that is heavily striving to innovate everyday life through design. She finds a space to be a vital starting point for cultivating interactions, energy and movement. Her mood board is an accumulation of forms, shapes, graphic work, fashion, designers and architects that were able to take details and make them art. Coral is designing spaces that will hug you while making you think, and in time will bring every touched space to its highest functional and aesthetic potential.

COCO Atelier

Coral Mesika is a young interior designer specializing in commercial and public spaces. In the past few years she's worked in leading firms in Tel Aviv working on hospitality projects, medical centers, and workspaces locally and internationally. Her approach to starting COCO Atelier is to explore the rapidly changing world we live in, and create design that embraces these changes and adapts to them. Her fresh perspective encourages an open dialogue with its clients that addresses these issues, asks questions, and knows how to solve them.