Inty LLC Mixed Reality Holographic Installation
Mixed Reality Holographic Installation is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Event and Happening Design Award Category.
Mixed Reality Holographic Installation

To solve the task of presenting the energy strategy of the city, a hologram was chosen as the tool. It was needed to develop the interior and exterior of the stand, taking into account the strict limitations of the technology to re-invented the hologram technology. Instead of 1 layer, designers used 3: a hologram, a background, a projection onto the floor. All layers worked synchronously. The graphics had to comply with strict rules in order not to break the magic. Tried to stick to minimalism and focus on achieving the illusion of the presence of real objects and a sensation of energy literally in the air.

Mixed Reality Holographic Installation
Inty LLC Mixed Reality
Inty LLC Holographic Installation
Inty LLC design
Inty LLC design
Inty LLC

Inty operates as a full-service agency. We share a passion for media technologies and their potential to make the invisible seen since 2010. Inty develop unique presentations, exhibition stands, and multimedia installations for social and business spaces that portray our clients’ image and communicate their message. With a strong focus on design and years of experience, we are able to visualize complex and abstract topics in a way that will captivate the audience. The Inty team consists of experienced programmers, technologists, visual designers, and architects. Each of us brings their unique skills and experiences to the table, ranging from concept creation to engineering and programming, visual and interior design as well as project management.


Since 2014, Economiton has been successfully working as a full-cycle organizer at major international industry events. The company has several dozen successfully implemented projects. The company is also engaged in solving complex marketing and communication challenges. Each project is a unique combination of style, global trends and unique quality, using innovative technical solutions and unique technologies.