Mateusz Obarek SU2 Etno Kiteboard
SU2 Etno Kiteboard is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Sporting Goods, Fitness and Recreation Equipment Design Award Category.
SU2 Etno Kiteboard

Look at these SU2 ETNO kiteboards. It can be seen that they are unusual, they are different than other. Ideas are sometimes born in seconds, sometimes it's a result of longer searches. But they are always the product of the human mind. Every story has its beginning. Where the SU-2 kiteboards came from and how they look - it all matters. Explore the depths of your soul and overcome your weaknesses. Creation can fly.

SU2 Etno Kiteboard
Mateusz Obarek SU2 Etno
Mateusz Obarek Kiteboard
Mateusz Obarek design
Mateusz Obarek design
Mateusz Obarek

Mateusz Obarek (1978) is a member of the prestigious Association of Applied Graphic Designers, bringing together the best Polish designers. He has been awarded many times for his creative work, e.g. in the international Creativity competition. His work is not limited to professional work. He is also a co-author of many exhibitions and exhibition events of artistic and utility value. The owner of the graphic studio "Gravite". Thanks to his competence, professional experience and respect for the tradition of the region, he has been effectively managing the brands of institutions and companies mainly from Warmia and Mazury. In his work he combines functionality with art, including that inspired by the eclectic heritage of the region. His activities also serve to promote the cultural and economic potential of the voivodeship by highlighting the quality and achievements of local business and grassroots movements. Its long-standing activity, characterised by local patriotism, builds the recognition of Warmia and Mazury in Poland, Europe and worldwide. He is able to engage art in applied graphics and create comprehensive advertising campaigns.

Su-2 Kiteboards

SU-2 Kiteboards was born out of a love for kitesurfing. We are pioneers in the production of kitesurfing boards in Europe, and our first board was shaped in 1999: just as the sport was taking off. Our team is a creative mix of passion and experience. As a result, each of our boards is a one-of-a-kind work of art; a handmade piece “with soul”! The high quality of materials used and our boards’ durable construction and reliability on the water, coupled with an artistic design that brings everything together are all the reasons behind the success of our products. We shape all the main parts of our boards by hand, and we pay attention to every detail, creating individual solutions customized to fit the needs of beginners and advanced kitesurfers alike. The attention to detail and no-compromise quality of our products has helped us catch the wave of success.