Mikhail Chistiakov Riposo Coffee Set
Riposo Coffee Set is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Category.
Riposo Coffee Set

The design of this service was inspired by two schools of the early 20th century the German Bauhaus and the Russian avant-garde. Strict straight geometry and well-thought-out functionality fully corresponds to the spirit of the manifestos of those times: "what is convenient is beautiful". At the same time following modern trends the designer combines two contrasting materials in this project. Classic white milk porcelain is complemented by bright lids made of cork. Functionality of the design is supported by simple, convenient handles and the overall usability of the form.

Riposo Coffee Set
Mikhail Chistiakov Riposo
Mikhail Chistiakov Coffee Set
Mikhail Chistiakov design
Mikhail Chistiakov design
Mikhail Chistiakov

Mikhail Chistyakov is a designer who has gone a long and difficult way from a craftsman to a designer. He started working as a modeler in the porcelain factory and thoroughly mastered the entire technology of ceramic production. This gave him the opportunity to make a technologically verified, accurate design. Later, Mikhail always got to the bottom of the material he was working with, he explored all its features and full processing methods. The designer successfully combines both a manual approach to design and the use of a computer. This combination allows him to make complex projects without losing the identity of the objects of manual labor. In his works, Mikhail constantly refers to the technology, functionality, expediency, and justification of all the details of the project. Doing much with small means is a key idea of his design philosophy.


This project was made for the Altavolo brand, which is owned by Project 111. This company is the leading supplier in the Russian promotional products industry. Under the Altavolo brand Project 111 creates and produces high-quality porcelain tableware in a good modern design. Mugs and sugar bowls, spice sets and teapots will easily fit into the interior of a modern home or office, fill it with harmony and soft light. Everyone can see the beautiful in the ordinary — you just need to make the ordinary beautiful. The Altavolo is one of the steps on this path.