Chien Ting Chen Dry Salon Commercial Space
Dry Salon Commercial Space is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Dry Salon Commercial Space

Inspired by the concept of the art salon, the reorganization and renovation of the basic construction is the key point of the project. The entrance is built with the large glass French windows. The feature of transparency creates the interaction between the indoor and outdoor space and makes the entrance the visual focus. The indoor space is of minimalism and openness. The simple arrangement of materials and structure enables the people indoors to chat and rest freely.

Dry Salon Commercial Space
Chien Ting Chen Dry Salon
Chien Ting Chen Commercial Space
Chien Ting Chen design
Chien Ting Chen design

DSEN believes space design is an art of integration, listening to the clients’ all kinds of needs, combining them into the functions and characteristics of the indoor space, and integrating them in the most appropriate way. We respect the aesthetic feeling of natural materials, adopt the warm and simple materials, and expect to present the most natural textures so that the living space can become where people can feel fully relaxed.