Maryam Heydarian Clexi Secure Flash Drive
Clexi Secure Flash Drive is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Computers and Peripheral Devices Design Award Category.
Clexi Secure Flash Drive

Clexi is high security encrypted flash drive, a combination of secure storage space and biometric technology via bluetooth to prevent unauthorized users malicious access to your data. The world’s 1st smartphone controlled encrypted flash drive!Using military grade security, data will be stored on Clexi at the highest level of security. No additional software or program is needed on your system for running it. Clexi is extremely user friendly, fast and easy to use; plug, tap and play.Sharing Clexi is also possible; Through the app, the owner can authorize other users for sharing data.

Clexi Secure Flash Drive
Maryam Heydarian Clexi
Maryam Heydarian Secure Flash Drive
Maryam Heydarian design
Maryam Heydarian design
Maryam Heydarian

She got full scholarship for her Master’s degree. She is talented and creative and A’design past winner year 2017 (wearable technologies design category). She has so many successful projects on her resume; including ranked 6th in industrial design Olympiad nationwide. She involved in the design of 2 successful campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. She was the graphic designer of Ted talk show for the first time in Iran. (TEDXuniversity of Tehran). She was a member of Iran’s National Elites Foundation.


Clexi has a motivated team of engineers and designers aiming to make security and privacy more accessible and meaningful. they believe in the world today data breach is one of the most common and dangerous threats in both company policies and individual lives. plus flash drives are the most common and useful versatile devices for storing and transporting data. unfortunately mostly breaches happen through losing flash drives. this is how they came up with the idea of making the first smartphone controlled encrypted flash drive. so people can stay secure without any internet requirement software or a pin just with a tap on their smart phone. the great thing about Clexi flash drive is data will stay secure forever even without the owners presence. Clexi team has great dreams and tries their best to provide a new efficient, affordable and reliable flash drive device which protect privacy and security in everyday lives. with years of experience in security, they are extremely confident in their production and schedule for releasing it and will do everything to deliver Clexi to the world as soon as possible. at the moment they are working hard on all parts of the product including hardware and software trying to make it perfect. in addition of using the latest technology they also care about the design and materials they use. they believe they will deliver the first trendy steady and affordable smartphone controlled encrypted and secure flash drive which bring convenience and security at the same time.